World of Warcraft 2008 Hunter Class Overview

World of Warcraft hunters are constructive groups, however, due to their exceptional talents; they can draw mobs and set off several traps that can both sidetrack and tease the enemy, making the hostile mob an easy target for members in the group that are suitable for dealing great amounts of damage. World of Warcraft Hunters are excellent damage dealers, with the main bulk of their damage coming from the ranged attacks they have. Hunters are always looked at as a high damage class, standing in the backline in battles, and raining down harm from afar.

Level 1 to 10 for the Hunter is teasingly referred to as the “Dark Ages”. This is since the player does not have the skill to tame a pet. Levelling Guides assist by advising you on precisely how to go about with your quests, so you know accurately which quests you should be doing, and which you should not, enabling you to get to level 70 in the best time probable. However, take provision when purchasing a guide, as there are a lot out there that are mediocre, and will be a misuse of your money.

World of Warcraft Hunters who want their pet to maximum the damage they do, should pick a pet that is have a large damage rating and a low attack speed. The high damage pets have somewhat higher attack bonuses, but lower armor class and hit points. World of Warcraft hunters is a class that is devoted to nature and long range attacks preferring to stay out of melee distance. Hunters are neither pure melee nor magic; they sit somewhere in-between making them effective ranged classes without many restrictions. While they are strong and can stand their own in a fight, they also have minimal magic skills, which help a lot when out hunting both solo and in a party.

Beast Mastery Hunters can also shut down a healer or a caster very efficiently. With the attack rate of the hunter himself combined with the attack speed of the pets make casting almost impossible for others. Beast Mastery increases all of yours pet’s abilities making them more dangerous than their wild brothers and sisters. Marksmanship bolsters the damage and effectiveness of your ranged skills, and Survival is mostly for utility spells and greater endurance. A good suggestion would be to put your first 5 points on Lethal Shots under the Marksmanship Tree, as this will help you a lot as a low level hunter.


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