Three Great Options for Watching Your favorite Sports Games

토토사이트 There are a lot of diehard sports fans out there, which is evident by the fact that such events grab a lot of headlines. For some people, watching a few of their favorite teams on their day off is the highlight of their week. That’s why it’s important to know the best way you can watch those games. There are three fairly popular and effective ways you can take part in one of your favorite past times, but only one of them can reign supreme over the others.

The first way is the most obvious: you can attend the sports games in person. If you live close to a major stadium, then this could be a realistic possibility. For those that live farther, going there on a regular basis can end up posing some problems. Besides that though, there’s the issue of cost. People really have to pay a premium to see those games in person. It’s the combination of parking prices, ticket prices, and concession costs that make it such an expensive venture. To be fair, you could mitigate some of that by taking your own food or eating beforehand and by carpooling with others, but in the end you still have to pay for that pricey ticket. And although nothing beats the atmosphere that you can feel when you’re at the game, unless you’re dishing out some major cash your seat is going to be fairly far away from the action. Surprisingly, this option is not ideal.

Another way you can see your games every week is by going to a local sports bar to watch them. You won’t have to pay for parking or a ticket, but you will have to pay for food and drinks. The bar isn’t about to let you sit there and watch it for free after all. Food and drinks at such places cost a pretty penny too. This doesn’t stop people though because such an establishment provides them with a place to drink and enjoy the game with friends without disturbing their respective families at home. Nevertheless, this option isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like to drink nor to share their experience with people that are drinking.

Making use of a satellite tv subscription is the third way you can enjoy your games, and it may very well be the best way. You won’t have to pay for parking or a ticket, and food will be a lot less expensive at home. The only thing you have to pay for is the subscription itself. All things considered, you’re going to save a lot of money if you stay home. You can also customize the environment to your liking. You can create a party atmosphere or a laid back one; it’s up to you. Another great feature is that you can watch several games at once with a premium subscription, and they can be taking place all over the country too. You can also watch the games any time you’re ready thanks to the DVR that could be bundled with your subscription. In the end, satellite tv has more advantages than the other options and thus reigns supreme.

Who doesn’t love FIFA 09, with all the tricks and techniques? There’s nothing better than showing up your rivals with a few fake-outs. But we’re all about winning here, and in order to do that, you need to score more goals. And the best way to score those points is to learn how to make your kicks count. Here are a few techniques that should do the trick.

First, there’s the hard low shot, a great move to make when you’re farther back on the playing field. To pull this one off, do a quick double tap – or even triple tap – on the shoot button. Whatever you do, don’t hold the button down too long. Remember, it’s all about the quick tap (by quick tap, I’m referring only to FIFA 09 – if you’re doing the “quick tap” elsewhere, that’s your business… ).

Also good to know is the chip shot. Do this with a combo of the LB and shoot button; the ball goes right over the goalie. Just don’t hit this one too hard, or it goes flying over the net.

And then there’s the ever-lovin’ finesse shot, a favorite of the FIFA player. This one can be executed simply by pressing the RB (or R1, depending on your system). Do this one when you’ve got a moment to stop and try for a well-aimed shot; the finesse shot is recommended for when you’re closer to the goal, as opposed to the hard low shot.

In all the annals of sports games, the boxing game has always been a particular favorite. Sure, there’s a tremendous satisfaction in beating your opponent at Football, Soccer, or Basketball. But there’s something downright therapeutic about literally getting to kick the crap out of your best buds. And so it is with EA’s Fight Night Round Four, where you get to play as some of the greatest men that ever took up the sweet science. But in order to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and make your rival holler “Uncle! ” (or some other expletive that we’re probably not allowed to print here), follow these tips.

First and Foreman… er, foremost, it’s all about the counter-punch. Land one of these in, and the effect is far more potent than your typical uppercut, hook, or straight. There are three basic ways to get the counter-punch. First, the well-timed block; put up your guard right as your opponent’s punch lands. Second is the lean; right as your rival is about to get one in, lean back left or right. Then, go to town. Third, bob; use semi-circle movements with the left stick to bob out of the way. Word of caution, though – act fast! You don’t have a hell of a lot of time to make the counter-punch, so be sure to get in there quickly. Also remember that your opponent can land in a solid counter-punch after they’ve blocked, ducked or weaved. So try to keep your distance whenever possible.

It’s also important to keep your opponent off-balance (literally and figuratively) with a series of jabs. The jab is the fastest one in the entire game, so your best bet is to land one in when your opponent is swinging an uppercut or a hook at you.

And when all else fails, do what comes naturally: fight dirty. Your opponent has you on the ropes? Nothing a well-placed head butt or body blow can’t fix. Just be careful with this one: you could get docked a point, or be disqualified.

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