T-Shirt Design Guides

Most of us have purchased a custom garment at some point in our lives. Perhaps you ordered a graduation shirt in high school or college or had special T-shirts made up for your wedding or anniversary party. Custom T-shirts are often used to commemorate a special event or accomplishment. In this article we will discuss buying custom garments on the web.

The internet has had a profound effect on the way we live or lives. In addition to information and entertainment, the web also gives us the option of shopping for quality products at discount prices. E-commerce is now the fastest growing segment of the retail sector in America. Even in the wake of the Great Recession, online sales continue their impressive run. They grew by 10.8 percent in 2009.

What do you need to know about T-shirt design guide? There are two obvious sexy high waisted bikini advantages of buying custom garments online. The first is that they are much cheaper. E-stores save on rent, staff, and inventory and pass these savings along to their customers. The result is that shoppers can often save twenty to fifty percent over local custom printers.

Using a T-shirt design guide and ordering online is also faster and more convenient than stopping in a regular retail store. Most online sellers offer a program that give customers the ability to design their own T-shirts on their sites. Guests can enter the text and choose from a number of popular designs. Some of the more sophisticated sellers even give designers the option of uploading their own design ideas.

Printing Methods

The two most popular printing methods that are used to complete custom orders are screen printing and digital printing. Screen printing has been around for thousands of years. It is simple, reliable, and cheap. Once the design is selected, the printer can create as many custom garments as the customer needs. Best of all, the shirts get cheaper the more you order, which is why screen printing is the method of choice for bulk orders. For instance, when a high school requests five hundred custom T-shirts for graduation, they almost always go with screen printing.

As the name suggests, digital printing involves an actual digital printer that has been modified to print on garments. Nearly any design can be reproduced with digital printing, but it can be quite costly. Since it is relatively new, costs for this method are fairly expensive. Digital printing is ideal for smaller orders that involve extremely intricate and colorful designs.

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