Staff Motivation: Creating A “Do For” Culture


Staff motivation does not occur as a result of anything you do to or with or about employees. Staff motivation occurs because of what you Do For employees.

The Motivation Secret

Read the next sentence very carefully. IT Staff  Staff motivation is a consequence. That reality is rarely mentioned. Motivation occurs as a result of something else. Issues such as rewards and incentives, recognition, job satisfaction, inspirational leadership and the rest are details that reinforce the consequences. They are important details: but details nevertheless.

A Staff Contribution Culture

To develop highly motivated staff, you need to create a particular culture: a culture of staff contribution and participation. Only a manager can do this. Such a culture enables staff to contribute demonstrably to business success.

Until you establish this culture, you’ll never be free to manage successfully. You’ll always be doing work that your staff should do.

When staff become successful contributors you can use rewards and incentives, and various other recognition devices to support their successful contribution. But these devices of themselves won’t create highly motivated staff. You must create the culture to take full advantage of them.

Once you establish the culture of contribution and participation you can take the next step: establish a culture of staff autonomy. A culture where staff are given freedom to operate without supervision.

Famous Brazilian manager, Ricardo Semler puts it this way. “As a leader my job is to motivate them to go home proud of their work.”

A New Perspective

Do you want highly motivated employees? If so, what can you do to make them “proud of their work”. I mean “proud”: not boastful or conceited but proud in the sense that they know they’ve done well for themselves, their colleagues and the business.

Forget “Pep” Talks

Staff don’t need pep talks, speeches and “rev ups”. They need guidance, information, encouragement, support, autonomy, responsibility, clear goals and the freedom to achieve and contribute positively to the business.


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