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Review for Neo Games

Whenever you look for online gambling sites many people look for promotions or specials before anything else. However, one of the most important factors you should always take into consideration is the software provider. When you see a casino, slots site or scratchcard site the “powered by” is very important MEGAGAME because it will give you an idea of the types and quality of games that are available to you. All the free money you want will not help if you do not enjoy playing the games. This si where a software provider comes into play and among the best is Neo Games.

Who is Neo Games?

Neo Games is one of the pioneers of casino technology and they have become one of the leaders in the industry. Their specialty is instant play games that include scratch cards and some slots. They were established in 2005 and since then have a proven reputation for quality and innovation. Their reputation is solid and is seen with their over 120 million games sold every month.

What does Neo Games Provide?

Primarily Neo Games provides instant play games such as scratch cards. These are sweeping the world and are becoming highly popular. They way they work is that you scratch the winning options online and if you get a combination that results in a jackpot you win. There are currently over 60 different titles with many different themes. For example you can choose sports themes, casino themes or even fantasy themes.

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