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How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft, Step by Step

Obtaining gold in World of Warcraft is both fun and difficult. It is fun because you have to develop certain techniques in order to master making gold, difficult because it is not easy to make gold. The last statement is only true if you don’t know much about making gold. There are many possible ways to make gold. There is no definitive guideline to follow. Even if you have a guide to still have to develop your own style.

Farming is the most common way of obtaining gold. Once you whack a monster, it will drop certain things. There might be some gold and a few items or none at all. The chance that a monster drops an item depends on drop rate. Monsters have different drop rates. It is good to have a guide or list of drop rates

Buying and selling is another way of making gold. This will require player to ask other players to sell items to him for a lower cost, usually for a large amount. He will then sell this item to another player for a higher price.

Crafting is done by players that have acquired a profession. This is related to farming because items used for crafting are acquired through farming. To craft items you may need a certain level of expertise. Crafting skill increase when you often use it, so even if you think the item is too useless you have to craft to increase your proficiency. To make money in crafting you will have to make items that are commonly used by players. Consumables are made by crafting so it is a good idea to craft consumables because they sell very fast and people who use them would come back to get more

Mining is another good way of making gold. This is similar  Buy wow gold  to farming but the method is a little different. Instead of killing monster, the miner needs to have a pick and look for things on the ground that glows like stones or metal. Look for rocks or stones along the way as they may have ores, gems and stones. Items found in mining sells for a good price. There are rarer items that are much more expensive.

There are many other various ways of making money in World of Warcraft. They are all proven fun and effective. Remember that the objective of your playing World of Warcraft is to enjoy. You might make some money through various methods, but that is not the main purpose for playing. In order to make this game more fun, you need to level your character. The character will be able to do more things if it has a high level. So, in order to maximize your potential in making gold, you need to level up. Leveling would require you some gold, so you have to be extra hardworking to get more gold. You may want to get a copy of leveling and money making guides to make your playing experience more enjoyable and productive.


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