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How To Eat And Think Your Self To Prosperity

We are what we think and what we eat! The people who know me, know that I believe in the power of thoughts. I myself have come from a place of thinking gone wrong. My thinking was the part of me that kept me down in my place, there with the have nots and whiners. Let me say this every moment I am becoming more aware of my thoughts and where they are leading me to. Which gets me to the subject of eating. Eating is part of our survival, just like our thinking!

I stumbled across the eating truth before I realised that I also am what I think. So although I have been on the healthy and slim side of life for a long time, riches were still alluding me. It’s not that I wasn’t ever earning anything, it’s just that the money I did earn was “hard earned” and never “enough”.

The cash would run out soon after I’d acquired it and then I would have to go looking again. I never enjoyed the financial part of my life, it left me in doubt of my self worth.

But hey this article is supposed to be about cooking and eating!

Indeed it is. After I discovered how I could achieve my true dreams and wealth by paying attention to what I was focusing on I realised that every single action I take defines the next thing that will happen to me good or bad. Now get this: That includes how I think about my food.

You know what they say about gratitude? It keeps you connected to the source of all things.
So how about showing your food appreciation whilst you are 먹튀검증  preparing it?

Vegetarianism has been my choice for many years now. I have not eaten a corpse in years. The thought of it sends shivers down my spine. Really I’m healthy, I’ve been told I glow! I believe that my food intake together with my thinking and gratitude for my wonderful life are visible.

A tomato salad to boost your vitamin intake and make your heart glow:

Choose 4 organic big sun-ripened tomatoes. I like them fresh off the tomato bush, still warm from the sun.
When choosing the tomatoes feel them, be aware of the life source in your hand, notice the colour, or they deep red or more orangey? Admire each tomato and bless it. Marvel at the miracle of how it was formed from the little yellow blossom.
You’ll also require an onion. I like the purple ones. Choose a onion, should not be to big or your salad will be to onioney. Now compare how different the onion and the tomato are in texture. Each designed with perfect individual flavour especially to nurture me and you of course. I always am amazed at God’s creative energy and diversity.



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