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How To Become A Better Shooting Guard

You may think that as a shooting guard your main role is to shoot but that isn’t necessarily true.

There are amazing shooting guards in the world that can’t shoot to save their lives. The reason they’re so great, is despite their lack of shooting ability, they can still score at will.

So basically a shooting guard’s main role isn’t to shoot; a shooting guard’s main يلا شوت  role is to score.

If you want to be able to score at will you need to develop your ball handling. Without serious dribbling skills you will never be a great basketball player especially if you’re a guard.

Even if you can shoot the lights out, you still need to be able to create your own shot. If you rely on your teammates to give you the ball at the three point line when you’re open to score, you’re limiting your scoring potential.

If you look at the great shooting guards in the NBA that are also great shooters for example Ray Allen and Reggie Miller; you may have noticed that although they run around the court trying to get open, they are still able to break down their defenders and get to the hole when they have the basketball in their hands.

To become a deadly shooting guard you need to be able to score in difficult situations with the ball in your hands. Not only do you need to be able to shoot but you need to handle the basketball at a high level. A great example of a deadly shooting guard with great ball handling ability is the NBA great, Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson is living proof that ball handling is very important when playing the guard position. It’s really difficult to put up 20 or 30 points per game if you can’t handle the basketball.

A guard is supposed to be able to score when the team needs it. When you can handle the rock, you can literally take over a game. Great ball handling ability leads to great plays, open shots, and less turnovers.

Other than being able to dominate on the offensive side of the game you will also have a lot more fun playing basketball. Imagine having the ability to cross up your defender anytime you have the basketball in your hands.

This kind of skill is obtainable you just have to work hard and commit yourself to doing the right training.

Perimeter players need to be confident in their offensive game. Every basketball player that operates on the perimeter of the basketball court will face pressure situations where they may need to dribble the ball out of a double team or a trap.

If you’re unable to dribble the basketball efficiently, you’re almost guaranteed to turn the ball over in those tight situations so it’s extremely important to practice handling the basketball, especially if you’re a shooting guard.

Being able to shoot the basketball is definitely a great skill, but if you really want to be an incredible shooting guard you need to develop ball-on-a-string handles.


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