How to Attract a Girl Over a Telephone Conversation

Sometimes, even by moving mountains one cannot make a woman fall for himself, while karachi girls sometimes all it takes is a phone conversation to make a woman fall in love. Girls hate guys who are needy. So, in order to seduce women you will have to act a little aloof to peak their interest. I know this is sounds weird but this is the truth. For instance, if you manage to get the phone number of a particular girl that you are interested to go out on a date with, do not call her immediately. Let a couple of days pass before you actually make the call. Many guys have tried this method with wonderful results. They have not only been able to catch the attention of their girls but have also managed to convince the girls to go out on dates with them.

Well, why does it work? By following the above method, you will be making her wait for you. She will be wondering why you are not calling her. It will slowly but steadily eat into her. At first she will not care that much but soon enough she will start wondering why you have not called. When another day passes, her intrigue will change into anger and she will swear to herself that she will not think of you again but when the phone call comes she will be thrilled and relieved that she has not been rejected. Hence, it is a perfect scenario, on the one hand she will be glad that you have called her and on the other hand she will be eager to please you.

This is not the end of the game; however, to make an impression on the girl you will have to carry out the right kind of conversations. In order to get the perfect pointers, read the book ‘Guy gets Girl’. This book has transformed the love lives of thousands of men and it continues to be a best seller even today.

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