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Forest City – World’s Most important Man Made Islands

Forest City – World’s Most important Man Made Islands

Forest City is viewed as perhaps the earliest man made island having each of the work environments that make it a shrewd city.

Plan and Thought

It covers an area of around 30 sq. miles, Forest City includes four man-made islands (approx 20 sq. km) as well as a golf resort. IBS current park (10 sq. km) and the headway time is a few spot in the extent of 25 and 30 years.

Stunning Eco-CityVertical Greening

The exterior of plans are covered with plants, making a Forest regular components.

Breathtaking and safe city

Forest City embraces cut off association and a refined security framework.

Living in heaven

The freehold status and the shocking ocean view give Forest City a living heaven for all tenants

Direction and Clinical consideration

Forest City has set out on joint undertakings with Shattuck St. Mary’s School, and MJ Get-together

Adequate facilities

fulfilling your whole amusement and living necessities

City that is incorporated

Through an undertaking adding up to USD100 million, Forest City will be changed into a sharp eco-city

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